We talk all the time. Now it is time for our students to stand out and present their achievements.
There is a briefing on the final project in the lecture.

Choosing Your Topic

[Scan the candidate pool of topics]
After having an initial topic in mind, please fill in the form (link) and answer all the required fields. A TA-in-charge will be assigned to help you along the final project.


Q: How do we evalute students' project?
The proposal and poster part (20%) is totally decided by TA-in-charge. The paper quality is first evaluated by TA-in-charge and an external reviewer (from senior students in our lab or other TAs; hence there are **TWO** reviewing comments for each paper). During presentation, Prof. Xiaogang Wang will finalize the score both in paper quality (based on TA-in-charge's recommendation) and impromised presentation (80%).


All deadline are due at 8:00 pm, Hong Kong local time, on that day.

Deadline/PeriodAgenda Link
Mar 10 - 23 Students choose topic, find preferred TA [Potential topics pool]
Mar 18 Submit topics of the final project [Submission link]
Mar 20 TA assignment and paper ID sent out check your email
Mar 24 Tutorial (optional to attend): Finalize proposals with TA-in-charge.
Submission: One-page proposal
via elearn system
Mar 25 - Apr 26 Working on the final project
Last lecture of the course (Quiz 2) on Apr 18
Apr 26 Initial paper submission via elearn system
Apr 28 Review comments available check your email
Apr 28 Poster submission via elearn system
May 3 Final paper/slides submission
Students revise paper based on reviewer comments; prepare presentation slides.
via elearn system
May 5 Grand Final Project Presentation Day
Discuss, present, interact with deep learners!


Guidance on writing your paper

We write some specific instructions on writing a technical paper for beginners. You can download the tempalte and have a look.
Note that for initial submission, there are line numbers in the manuscript for the convenience of reviewing. You can use Office Word to write your paper and generate the pdf file, whichever way is easy for you.

Initial submission

Please submit (a): the paper in pdf form only; (b) the cover letter (completed by students in Part A) in docx form.
Compress these two files in one folder and upload to the elearning system upon the deadline.

Preparing poster and slides

The poster template is provided for the purpose of easing students' workload. You can use it or design your own. We value the quality of the project first; it is not necessary to have a fabulous poster layout if your time is tight. Do **NOT** alter the size of the poster template.

Poster must be submitted in **April 28** (in pdf form).

Each presentation is given 5 minutes (4 minutes talk and one minute Q&A), meaning the length of your slides should better be around or less than 10 papges in total. To allow the last-minute change of the slides before presentation, we strongly recommend students to provide an external, sharing link (like Google slides) to us. It is better than providing us the slides in a static pdf form.

Final of the final: Submit all files

Compress the following files in one folder and upload it to the elearning system: