Lecture Schedule

Term 2 (January - April), 2021

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Tuesday, Jan 12
[video] (Passcode: 7a8.j$*n)

1 Machine Learning Basics [slide]

Wednesday, Jan 13
[video] (Passcode: 3!JK&RJ7)

2 Multi-Layer Perceptron
[slide] (updated on Feb 24)

Tuesday, Jan 19
[video] (Passcode: n6qL0+#w)

Wednesday, Jan 20
[video] (Passcode: .M@CU08$)

3 Convolutional Neural Networks

Tuesday, Jan 26
[video] (Passcode: %w87trw8)

Wednesday, Jan 27
[video] (Passcode: bdH%akF2)

Tuesday, Feb 2
[video] (Passcode: l?W5%.X1)

4 Network Architectures for Image Understanding [slide] (updated on Feb 23)

Wednesday, Feb 3
[video] (Passcode: e*%Mv*4B)

Tuesday, Feb 9
[video] (Passcode: u2e%5wL$)

Wednesday, Feb 10
[video] (Passcode: 72*3iaH0)

Tuesday, Feb 23
[video] (Passcode: *3V@Lm4S)

5 Optimization of Deep Neural Networks [slide] (updated on Mar 19)

Wednesday, Feb 24
[video] (Passcode: 0y9*t+x@)

Tuesday, Mar 2
[video] (Passcode: $*BS+0dI)

Wednesday, Mar 3
[video] (Passcode: et.2GQMn)

Wednesday, Mar 9
[video] (Passcode: RsR?^=9=)

6 Recurrent Neural Network [slide]

Wednesday, Mar 10
[video] (Passcode: 2ck^4sQz)

Tuesday, Mar 16
[video] (Passcode: NUH7&6+A)

Wednesday, Mar 17
[video] (Passcode: Am2@+wK@)

7 Attention and Transformer [slide] (updated on Apr 1)

Tuesday, Mar 23
[video] (Passcode: =oK&i83?)

Wednesday, Mar 24
[video] (Passcode: +Qq3tnw$)

8 Semantic Segmentation [slide] (updated on Mar 30)

Tuesday, Mar 30
[video] (Passcode: !?vM4gbv)

Wednesday, Mar 31
[video] (Passcode: uWWE=&76)

9 Object Detection [slide] (updated on Apr 1)

Wednesday, Apr 7
[video] (Passcode: .e#H4530)

Tuesday, Apr 13
[video] (Passcode: 4MiaMt^t)

Wednesday, Apr 14
[video] (Passcode: %5%?a016)

10 Generative Adversarial Network [slide]