Tutorial Schedule

Time and venue for the first nine tutorial sessions are:

For the last session, it is held at:

Note that the tutorial starts from the second week and is scheduled occasionally (ten sessions in total). Please refer to the following schedule in details.

DateDescription Speaker Materials
Jan 20 Python, Numpy and AWS Tutorial Tong [slides] [audio]
[PyNotebook examples]
Feb 10 Understanding Backpropagation
How the gradients are backpropagated via examples
Hongyang [slides] [audio]
[Note on backprop]
Feb 17 Deep learning toolkits I
Overview of deep learning systems and Caffe
Wei [slides] [audio]
[Caffe notebook example]
Feb 24 Deep learning toolkits II
PyTorch and applications
Tong [slides] [audio]
[PyTorch notebook example]
Slides updated on the last Inception example.
Mar 3 Walking through deep learning models
Design of models (VGG, ResNet) and misc stuff
Hongyang [slides]
audio is unavailable (deleted by accident)
Mar 10 Hands-on experience with debugging models
Wei [slides] [audio]
[Data preprocessing]
[Tanh initialization]
[ReLU initialization]
[Tips for setting AWS]
Mar 24 Discussion on final project proposals
'Reception' of the final project with TAs
Tong, Wei, Hongyang
Kai, Xiao
[instruction page]
Mar 31 Deep Learning in Action: Implementation, Techniques, and Frameworks
Parallel programming, memory reduction, I/O design, framework comparison
Guest tutorial:
Yuanjun Xiong
[slides] [dynamic slides] [audio]
Apr 7 Assignment Review
Wei [slides]
Apr 18
Review of A2 and Research Frontier
Venue and time changed: 14:30 - 15:15, MMW 703
Hongyang [slides] [audio]